Yo Flo

Lets talk periods. None of us really like them, discussing them openly is still taboo and with the recent movement to abolish GST on tampons as a "luxury" item they are a controversial subject especially in Australia. Now I won't go into my feelings on anything relating to periods being considered a "luxury". What I... Continue Reading →

Be Brave, Ask for Help

On Tuesday night I sat in my bath and cried. The kind of ugly cry you do when you are just done with being strong and putting on your game face. Earlier that day I sat in Foxie's room, watching Richie play with him and I felt this intense sadness. The words I am profoundly unhappy actually came out of my mouth. It should have been a beautiful moment but there I was, just completely disconnected and unable to see past my feelings.

Swipe Right

Luckily he gave me a second chance, so we set another coffee date. I rocked up in my active wear and he had a cast on his hand (from having his finger re-broken after a horrible motorbike accident a few months prior). That first time we met in person, I just knew right away that he was special - in a good way. Like we were meant to meet and that he would be a huge part in my life.

Kiss Kiss Chasey Designs

One of my absolute go to brands for both Fox and I is Kiss Chasey Designs. I was actually lucky enough to be approached by Kari to help with a product release when Fox was just a teeny bub and we immediately bonded over a mutual love of mustard shades. The first item I purchased... Continue Reading →

Repping do’s and dont’s

Fox and I have been representing beautiful brands on Instagram for over a year now and although I don't consider myself an expert, I thought it was time to share a few tips. Here are my do's and dont's for getting into repping and more importantly being a good brand rep: Do: Interact - make... Continue Reading →

Beech Please

Boss Lady behind the brand - Meg from Modern Monty The moment I stumbled across Modern Monty on Instagram, I fell in love. I was pregnant with Fox and had started collecting special pieces for his pending arrival. Their little Safari set of Beech wood teether toys  caught my eye right away and I eagerly awaited... Continue Reading →

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